Powered Up! Entrepreneurship

Transition into Business Skills

Why is Entrepreneurship so Important?

*  even without a business there are so many benefits of entrepreneurship, like critical thinking, creativity, decision-making, and leadership…learn the value of money and the value of working
*  starting a business looks great on school applications
*  kids distinguish themselves as leaders, team workers, and providing service
Get the Kid Entrepreneurs Workbook!
Teach Business Skills From Your Home with Hands-on Activities

A 76-page activity workbook and step-by-step action plan to getting your business off the ground from beginning to money

Course Summary

What is the Powered Up! Entrepreneurship Activity Workbook?
  • digital download tutorial and toolbox with content, activities and resources to promote action on setting up a small business
  • over 60 worksheets, quick-start sheets, and activities
  • DIY self-teaching materials with hands-on activities, instructions, and tips
  • curriculum modules for engaging creativity and covering all subjects like math, public speaking, writing, creative thinking, research, art, and reading
  • Created by real world entrepreneurs, consultants and mentors to inspire kids with tools and knowledge to get a business started and running

Who is it for?
  • specifically designed and adaptable for students ages 8-17 years  and any next-generation entrepreneur
    • tweens and teens ready with a business concept, already started a business or wanting to explore what business to start with an action plan and how-to map
    • great for independent study, small groups or homeschool
    • activity sheets to help support any enrichment program with less curriculum and more real world business building

How is it used?
  • practical exercises that take you step-by-step from idea to action
  • self-paced exercises and interactive support documents – take your time and work on any section
  • delivered electronically so you can get live links and can work right on your computer or tablet
  • printer-friendly pages ready for you anytime, print only what you are working on
  • enrichment work supported by parents, caregivers, tutors, teachers, homeschoolers
  • use as a Unit Study for math, research, public speaking, writing and more
  • use as a Summer Project, or end-of-year Portfolio project
  • work individually, or work different sections for multiple siblings
  • makes a great co-op course for small groups

Course Curriculum

Ardent Skills Team

Course Pricing

  • Powered Up! Entrepreneurship
  • $47 USD

    a 76-page activity workbook and step-by-step action plan to getting your business off the ground from beginning to money

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