The Ultimate Guide to Selling Online

from creation to clients

 for service-based entrepreneurs 

Are you ready to attract new clients online but find yourself stuck trying to figure out all you need to do?
Feel like everyone else knows what to do, but you are struggling to even know where to start?

Want to quickly create your first sales page, and start selling in a day?

Often people get held back by all the tech. Does that sound like you?
Tech doesn't have to be complicated or scary!

Save yourself the aggravation and wasted time. You don’t have to figure all this out alone.

A step-by-step proven way to actually get your first online sale without tech overwhelm and high expenses for tools. I'll take you from big picture to an action plan to full implementation quickly.

Imagine working easily from what you already know and following a simple and fast action plan to set everything you need up in less than a week.

Sell Anything online: the no-website guide to starting your online business.
Picture that your workshop, course, or program can be purchased by more people and be fully automated.

Get online clients fast!

Forget the stress that comes from being overwhelmed by ambiguous sales techniques and use this simple system that puts it altogether for you in the right order. Work in the nooks and crannies of your day anytime you can with bite-sized trainings - even through kid interruptions, errands, and phone calls.

The Ultimate Guide to Online Selling course shows you exactly how to get your business online in less time.

Feel empowered when you get the framework right and everything else fits into place.

Let's do this! 


The Ultimate Guide to Online Selling is a step-by-step, self-paced course for those of you who are ready to get into action now. It's a reliable, proven process that any business owner, coach, consultant, blogger, author, speaker or other expert can follow.  Get ready to sell online mre quicky and more simply than other methods. Create your automated sales system in just a few days.

How will the Ultimate Guide to Selling Online work?

The course covers everything you need to start your successful online business with your building your first sales page, tutorials and tips, free tools and resources, and much more! 

Every section follows the topic and links to the video training, guides, templates, worksheets, checklists, resources, and handouts.  All bite-sized training under 15 minutes! You can complete the course in under a week and be ready to sell your services.

The Ultimate Guide to Selling Online is

The Ultimate Guide to Selling Online

from creation to clients

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Course Summary

Lessons are created with the exact methods taught and without fancy equipment or expensive tools or subscriptions. You will work with the same media you will use on your own, a variety of video types, worksheets, checklists, and tutorials with examples and free tools. Anyone can create their own programs in the same way easily from their home.

Success depends on your own business and your readiness to learn some new skills.  

Self-study program, start anytime, easy to follow. Complete in less than a week.

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  • Ultimate Guide to Selling Online
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Hey, I'm Sandra

I'm Sandra Lynn. Serial Entrepreneur. Single Mom. Health Nut. Digital Geek. Faith First.

As an entrepreneur since my early 20s, I’ve grown seven of my own online businesses and I’m a pioneer in e-book sales with the first one sold online in six foreign languages. I taught some of the first e-marketing classes at NYU Stern, Columbia, Pace, and FIT (that's what they called it "e-marketing"). I'm an experienced strategic marketing consultant, direct response guru, and author of 4 books, with numerous guest appearances on TV and radio. Although I'm an industry veteran with clients like Brookstone, People Magazine, and Guess Watches, and have worked with several of the Shark Tank hosts, you would think I had it all going on.

But that is not true for me, and maybe not for you either.

I wanted to create something that would literally ELIMINATE your confusion, guesswork and overwhelm… and replace it with specific and strategic tools, mentorship and action-taking.

Course Curriculum

Course Pricing

  • Ultimate Guide to Selling Online
  • $47 USD

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